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If you want to maximise the performance and reliability of your air conditioning or refrigeration equipment then we would like to work with you. With our team’s knowledge and years of experience in the industry we will strive to provide you with the best possible solution by delivering on three key objectives:

RME solutions can provide system performance analysis, ongoing monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimisation advice, all geared towards improving the reliability and efficiency of your existing plant and facility.

We assess how well your system is performing, providing you with the information needed to implement any system optimisation procedures. We will work with your chosen contractor to ensure they have the necessary information available and where required will undertake ongoing monitoring.

We do not carry out maintenance or installation of refrigeration systems ourselves and we are not affiliated with any equipment manufacturer or supplier, so we will not propose unnecessary maintenance or servicing procedures, or recommend that equipment is replaced because of its age. We offer both temporary and fixed solutions for performance analysis and monitoring.

Using our portable analytic equipment we can provide a detailed analysis of how your system is performing, we do this by attaching sensors and pressure transducers to various parts of the system. The system can be set up in a few hours and is a cost-effective way of obtaining information on system efficiency. 

Improved energy efficiency

​As part of the drive to reduce energy use, you might be monitoring the energy consumption of your HVAC equipment. This is great for targeting energy improvements and for identifying changes in trends. However, it won't allow you to see how efficiently a piece of equipment or individual component is performing. 

Our solution is to provide a detailed analysis of the system performance, right down to the individual component level. This will enable you to see how well your air conditioning, heat pump, or refrigeration system is actually working versus how well be could be working. 

The equipment used for this method of analysis is non-invasive and in most cases can be installed whilst the plant remains operational. Once installed it will operate completely independently of any existing system controls or other monitoring equipment, so will not affect the equipment warranties or operation.

Improved system reliability

​Have you ever experienced an unexpected failure of your chiller, heat pump, or refrigeration equipment, or are you experiencing increase call out and maintenance costs due to ongoing reliability issues.


Every business knows how important reliability is for maintaining a smooth and efficient operation. However, unexpected failures can still occur no matter how well a system is maintained. When they do it can result in equipment downtime leading to thermal discomfort for the building occupiers, or worse the loss of $1000’s or more of stock. The problem can be exacerbated by long lead times for replacement parts meaning equipment has to temporarily operate at reduced capacity or not at all.

Our analytics equipment enables detailed monitoring of the performance of a complete system and of the individual components of that system. This detailed analysis can highlight if equipment is operating erratically, an early indicator of a fault which if left unchecked could eventually lead to component or equipment failure.

This can be done on either a short term basis if there is a known reliability issue, or with a permanent installation to assist with predictive maintenance.

Continuous monitoring of system performance is an essential tool for implementing predictive maintenance. It is also a useful tool for indirect refrigerant leak detection, as even a small reduction in efficiency can often indicate a leak that may not be picked up by gas leak detectors.

Early warning signs of component failure can be things such as; a reduction in efficiency, repeated starting and stopping of equipment or system temperatures and pressures outside of normal operational ranges. All of these can be analysed using continuous monitoring and alerts generated. Alerts can be set with several parameters used to ensure only the necessary alarms generated and prevent unnecessary repeat alarms being triggered. 


Return on investment


No matter what the size or complexity of a project we will work closely with you to provide a tailored service that meets with your requirements. Whether it's troubleshooting problematic equipment, commissioning or recommissioning checks, or assisting with the implementation of energy efficiency improvements, we are confident our services will result in a quick return on investment. 

How we can help

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