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Ongoing monitoring

Using the same technology as used for the system performance analysis, a permanently installed system enables remote monitoring online, with a simplified website also available for viewing on mobiles and tablets.


Added benefits of this are:

  • Cloud based 24/7 monitoring.

  • Ability to set alarms for if pre-set threshold values are exceeded. Notification can be sent via email or text.

  • Early warning capability for decreased efficiency.

  • Capability to detect refrigeration leaks is unique on the market.

  • Allows regular inspection of real-time and past performance by owners, contractors, and engineers, etc. using customisable charts and graphs

  • Information collected is used for generating energy profiles and performance reports that are essential for energy optimisation and validation.


In most instances, the equipment can be installed without causing interruption to the normal operation of the plant and will operate independently of the chiller controls or any other preinstalled controls or monitoring equipment.

This type of installation is recommended where the client is interested in ongoing monitoring and optimisation as part of an energy management strategy, or just wants to target improved performance and minimise maintenance call outs.

RME Solutions can supply the equipment for installation by your existing maintenance contractor or arrange for a qualified contractor to carry out the installation. We will provide ongoing technical support including the setting of alarms, and if requested provide regular reporting detailing system performance along with advice for optimisation and maintenance.

A fixed installation can also be linked with your existing BMS/SCADA systems. If you would like to know more please get in touch

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