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Plant optimisation

To carry out plant optimisation it is necessary to first know how a system is performing. Completing a system performance analysis, installing permanent monitoring equipment or subsystem energy audit are tools that can provide you with this information. 


The next step would be to identify the savings possible, obtain costs to implement improvements and calculate the payback in order to determine feasibility. Improvements should be implemented in a logical process starting with the simple changes that require no or very little capital cost input.


The system should be analysed at different stages of the optimisation process so that the client and engineer have visibility of how the chiller performance is improving.

With over 20 years of experience working on large commercial and industrial refrigeration systems in the UK, our refrigeration engineer has an in-depth knowledge of the latest energy-saving measures and based on the data obtained can make sound recommendations on what optimisation methods would suit your system.

RME Solutions will work with you from the start. First meeting to understand your expectations and then putting in place a plan for system analysis and monitoring and finally implementation of improvements to target your desired savings.

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